The Real People
Monday Morning Breakdown

If you have ever had the feeling that you want to pick up a guitar, meet up with your mates, write some songs and live the dream, then listen to Monday Morning Breakdown by The Real People and I guarantee those dreams of yours will become a reality.

Or, if you have not had any thoughts about forming a band then I am confident to say that listening to this great album will inspire you in a way you never thought possible.



Georgia Ruth
Fossil Scale

Fossil Scale is the second album from the much-loved and admired Welsh singer songwriter Georgia Ruth, a singer whose voice will light up the darkest of days and enrich the lives of anyone within earshot. In all the years of writing for AMP I am hard pushed to find a voice that moved me as much as the first time I heard Georgia Ruth, she really is a gem that we need to treasure forever.

‘The Doldrums’ opens the album and, unlike predecessor Week Of Pines, the harp takes a back seat as we become dazzled by the piano and the awe-inspiring, dreamy and melodic vocals that allow the lyrics to float away into the beautiful blue sky.



The Flaming Lips | How??
The AMP Stereo
Enderby's Room

"uplifting, positive and exactly what the world needs right now"
Luna Tides

"you will fall head over heels in love"
Sally Robin

"will stun you into complete and utter silence"

The Lucid Dream

The Moon Club, Cardiff
30th September 2016

Noel Gallagher

Singleton Park, Swansea
2nd September 2016

Bill Ryder-Jones

Moon Club, Cardiff
11th March 2015

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