Peggy Sue
Choir Of Echoes

Released: 27th January 2014
Label: Wichita Records

‘Choir Of Echoes’ is the third album from Brighton trio Peggy Sue, a band who have yet to see their music transcend to the masses. That is something which is sure to change in 2014. The start of the year may be too soon to start talking about the Mercury Music Prize, but as soon as you press play on ‘Choir Of Echoes’ and the haunting vocals and delicate instrumentation of opening track ‘Come Back Around’ start to fill your head, you know you are set to embark on a memorable trip with this album.

Highlights include ‘Substitute’ with its sweet, infectious melodies and captivating vocals that will have you hanging on tightly to every sound you hear. The percussion throughout 'Just the Night' weaves its way inside your soul and ‘Longest Day Of The Year’ has a dreamy, timeless sound to it that will instantly sweep you off your feet. ‘Idle’ is anthemic, beautiful, haunting and compelling, words don’t seem to do this track justice, if this track doesn’t make the world stop and take notice of Peggy Sue then nothing will. ‘The Errors Of Your Ways’ is the perfect ending to an unforgettable album.

‘Choir Of Echoes’ is a consistently brilliant album, and is one that I truly believe will see many people start to wake up and take notice of this irresistible band.

Steve Tay

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