60ft. Dolls
The Big Three

Released: 10th July 2015
Label: Indolent Records

“Sitting on my sofa, Waiting for my chauffeur, Along came a copper, Told me it was over” that opening line from New Loafers the opening track on The Big 3 means as much to me now as it did when I was 18 and felt like anything was possible. In fact not much has changed in the way I feel when I listen to The Big 3, it still makes me think that anything is possible and we have been put on this world to enjoy ourselves, and not let anyone destroy our dreams.

Not that we need a reason to tell the world how much 60ft Dolls mean to us here at AMP but this re-issue expanded edition of one of the greatest albums of our generation is a damn good reason to remind the world how amazing the 60ft Dolls were. For those of you that may not have had your life changed by The Big 3, I am a tad envious of you, the excitement you will feel the first time you listen to the album just can’t be put into words, just prepare yourself to be absolutely blown away.

Being from Newport 60ft Dolls were our band, they were one of us, giving us a sense belonging, they were living our dreams and providing the soundtrack to so many great nights out “Sell your soul let the good times roll” sang Richard on ‘Good Times’. They were flying the flag for what the media deemed ‘Cool Cymru’, had support from Steve Lamacq, supported the likes of Oasis, Elastica and Dinasour Jr, became favorites of the NME and Melody Maker, recorded two sessions for John Peel, one of which is included on this expanded edition.

Richard Parfitt, Michael Cole, and Carl Bevan played together like it was the most natural thing in the world. They were a band that had so much chemistry and an incredibly raw rock n roll sound that sounded perfect in the 90’s and still perfect now. Yes, I am sure there may be some people out there that say this is a sound that has dated and was very much of that time. I would strongly dispute that, if this album was released today I would still think this was one of the greatest albums I have ever heard, listen to it over and over again, share my excitement with everyone around me and be inspired to do something with my life.

I am not going to spend time reviewing the album, as I think that would be a waste of my time and a waste of your time reading it. This has been written as a celebration of the 60ft Dolls, and feeling incredibly grateful to have been part of the generation that was lucky enough to be part of ‘Cool Cymru’ whatever that scene was, the best way that I could describe it was an amazing experience that will not be forgotten.

This expanded edition contains B-sides and peel sessions so there are plenty of reasons for those of you that already have the album to buy it again, and if your copy is anything like mine it will be battered and bruised and probably in need of replacing.

Steve Tay

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