Alex Valentine
Lovers Leap

Released: 24th May 2013
Label: Struck Dumb Records

Is Alex Valentine a name that you are familiar with? Sadly I think the majority of people are going to answer that question with a no. Listening to the music that Alex has released over the years, it does leave me baffled as to why he has yet to grab the attention of the mainstream music industry. Alex has so far released six albums of beautiful songs full of melody and meaning which should be selling by the bucket full. The music industry can be a very strange place at times, for example why should the likes of James Blunt and Ed Sheeran sell ridiculous amounts of albums, and the likes of Alex Valentine, Al Lewis, Rob Lear and Paper Aeroplanes fail to gain the share of the marketplace that their music deserves?

With the release of Alex’s seventh album ‘Lovers Leap’ is anything likely to change, will he suddenly become a household name? The album is once again worthy of widespread critical acclaim and huge sales, so we can live in hope that these beautiful, carefully crafted songs get the world wide audience they deserve.

Highlights on ‘Lovers Leap’ are aplenty and include ‘The Last Song’, an infectious opener to the album, building at a perfect pace and launching into a memorable chorus that should find its way onto radio playlists throughout the country. ‘Sea Air’, with its gentle melody, delicate strings and percussion combined with insightful and reflective lyrics highlight the talent Alex has when it comes to penning a great love song, “Kiss me in the sea air, we’ll roll back the years, I’ll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours”. Yes I may just be an old romantic, but how can that lyric not make you feel all warm and happy inside? ‘Sweetness’ is a gorgeous, acoustic ballad with an infectious melody that will be sure to have you swaying from side to side and in ‘Far From From Home' you can hear real emotion in Alex’s voice as he longs to be back home with his love, the music throughout the song is gentle yet incredibly effective. ‘Skipping School’ is guaranteed to take you back to those days of being young and carefree “Watching clouds go by, skipping school wasting time, lying on the hillside getting high, looking for answers in the sky”, now if that is not a lyric of universal appeal then I don’t know what is. If that’s not enough the song ends with an infectious camp fire style sing a long with the inclusion of handclaps.

There is only one thing left to do, go and listen to Lovers Leap, and if you are new to the talent of Alex Valentine go and check out his back catalogue and ensure his albums get the sales they deserve. Although even if they don’t I am sure it won’t matter, artists like Alex, Al Lewis, Rob Lear and Paper Aeroplanes will continue to write the music they love because these are real artists who believe in what they do.

Steve Tay

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