Released: 1st July 2013
Label: Talitres / Shellshock

‘Motorama’ is the debut album from Russian band Alps, who have been self releasing music since 2008. Russian music is not something that I am overfamiliar with however, after listening to Motorama, I will be making it my intention to seek out more music from Russia because if there are other bands out there even half as good as Alps then we really are in for a treat.

Listening to the album it is clear that Alps have listened to a lot of British music, from the moment I pressed play I thought I was listening to a lost Manchester classic from the 80s. There is a very strong Joy Division sound holding this album together tightly, the more you listen to the album the more intrigued you become, it hooks you in with infectious and dark melodies that make you wonder where this band have been hiding for so long. The songs retain a pop sensibility that will be sure to see many UK radio stations playlisting these songs without any debate.

The first three songs on the album ‘Northern Seaside’, ‘Warm Eyelids’ and ‘Compass’ provide a perfect opening. ‘Northern Seaside’ in particular has a very Joy Division-esque sound and ‘Warm Eyelids’ and ‘Compass’ have such an uplifting sound which could see the band going the same way as The National. Further highlights on this album include ‘Ghost’ with its hypnotic melody and echoing vocals ensuring your attention is held throughout. ‘Alps’ is a dreamy, summery song that needs to be played out to a festival crowd on a sunny afternoon and ‘Empty Bed’ has everything, melodies that will sweep you off your feet, captivating vocals, and heartfelt lyrics.

‘Motoroma’ is an album that will be receiving a lot of plays at AMP HQ and is one that I am sure will be a serious contender in those end of year charts.

Steve Tay

Cerulean Salt

Released: 1st July 2013
Emily Wells

Released: 3rd Jun 2013
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