Released: 3rd February 2014
Label: Caroline

After one listen to this self-titled second album from Augustines, I can’t help but imagine the band getting together to discuss how this second album should sound and everyone agreeing “Let's make a record where each song sounds like it's the last song we are ever going to record”. From start to finish ‘Augustines’ sounds like a record where the world is about to end, and the band want to ensure we are given an ending to remember.

‘Cruel City’ opens the album with a carnival feel that will instantly make you smile, the song joyfully bounces along ensuring you will immediately fall in love with the album. ‘Nothing to Lose But Your Head’ is a pure anthem in every sense of the word, the lyrics are delivered with a belief that enables you to really get inside the head of the singer. This song, like so many on the album, will make you want to go down the pub with your mates, put some money in the jukebox and forget about all the troubles in the world.

Further highlights on this anthemic album include the beautiful ‘Weary Eyes’, a song which has a dreamy, nostalgic feel to it and lyrics that will be sure to touch a chord with many a listener, “Park the car in front of your house, I still can’t get out”. The word perfect just doesn’t seem to do justice to 'Walkabout', seriously, you really have to listen to this incredible song which sent goose bumps throughout my entire body. ‘Kid You’re On Your Own’ sees McCarthy pouring his heart and soul into the song as he sings “Everyone you love slips through your hands like sand” and you will be hard pushed to hear a more positive song this year than 'Now You Are Free', “You gotta let go, let go of all your loss”.

Augustines have given us the perfect rock album, an album that quite simply makes you feel glad to be alive, an album that makes you appreciate everything in the world and not take anything for granted.

Steve Tay

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