Beady Eye

Released: 10th June 2013
Label: Beady Eye Records

Many reviews have already slated this album, bemoaning a lack of creativity and an inability to push boundaries. Others have called it boring and a rehash of songs done a thousand times before. Well, to all those reviews I’m sorry but slating Beady Eye is just too easy.

Admittedly when I first heard ‘Flick Of The Finger’ and ‘Second Bite Of The Apple’ I wasn’t as excited as I wanted to be, they didn’t make me want to rush down to Our Price and queue up like I did for ‘Be Here Now’ in ’97. But after listening to the album in its entirety I became annoyed at myself for allowing those reviews to give me preconceptions of how the album should sound.

What we have here is what we’ve always had from any recording that Liam has been involved in. Music that makes you feel alive, young, and that anything is possible.

As you read this I’m sure many are thinking that I’m an old, deluded Oasis fan who can’t let go, but I have every right to not let go. Oasis were and always will be my band, they are the reason why I listen to so much music, the reason I write for AMP, the soundtrack to so many great nights and the reason for friendships that will never end. If that means I approach any new ‘Gallagher’ release with a slight bias, then I make no apologies.

Back to the album, the involvement of Dave Sitek on production has given the band a more in-depth production and an introduction to sounds that would not have happened without him. Can you imagine Liam suggesting the introduction of horns?

Highlights include ‘Soul Love’ which is built around a great acoustic melody and soulful vocal and ‘Iz Rite’, a great pop song that the band describe as “The Beatles on E” and they’re not far wrong.

On ‘Don’t Brother Me’ it’s hard not to think that this isn’t Liam's call to Noel as he sings “Come on now, give peace a chance, take my hand, be a man”. ‘Start Anew’ is a real tender Liam ballad that is sure to be a firm live favourite.

I honestly found the majority of songs to be a highlight but I stand by my earlier comments, this is no Definitely Maybe. This is an album to enjoy for what it is whilst remembering that music and life should be intertwined with the ultimate goal of enjoying both.

Steve Tay

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