Broken Fires

Released: 18th May 2015
Label: End Of The Line

Broken Fires recently came to our attention with the release of ‘Elephants’, a single which I don’t think I will ever forget. It was one of those moments when you hear a band for the first time and get that feeling that you can’t quite put into words but know that you are hearing something very special, that you are hearing a band with so much talent and potential that you want to tell everyone about your new found love.

Thankfully we have not had to wait long for a debut album to wrap our ears around as ‘Silhouettes’ is available now on the band’s own label. You always know that an album is going to be great when the band have the confidence to start it with a single. ‘Elephants’ opens the album with uplifting melodies, soaring vocals and energetic percussion all blending together with a perfection that results in one of the greatest pop songs you will hear this year. ‘Bricks.Mortar.Stone’ opens with a gentle acoustic guitar and some great reflective lyrics “I remember when this used to feel like home, walls of photos, all of the things we’ve done”. As the song builds and the violin and drums enter the mix, the vocals get more passionate ensuring that if you weren’t convinced by now as to how good this band are, you really have no option left but to declare your undying love.

There are so many stand out songs on this album and before leaving you to form your own opinions I feel I need to draw your attention to ‘Flesh & Blood’. The gentle opening pace builds into a glorious crescendo of beautiful noise highlighting the talent this band have in crafting a song. ‘Out of the Woods’ is anthemic with swirling melodies and an unforgettable chorus while the piano takes the lead in ‘Brand New Start’ before stepping back to allow all the other glorious sounds this band make to join the party.

My attempt to pick highlights has simply resulted in me listing every song I hear, this really is one of those albums that you can listen to from start to finish and are not tempted for one second to press the skip button. The band have even snuck in a brave but very credible cover version of ‘Our House’; you’ve got to love a band who are not afraid to wear their influences proudly on their sleeves and pay respect to the music that has influenced their lives.

The album closes as it started with two songs that leave you in no doubt about how god damn amazing this band are. ‘Family Ties’ is a classic, timeless melody that will leave you swaying from side to side and feeling all warm inside, and if that wasn’t enough then the lyrics will be sure to inspire you “Time stretches away from you, so live, live while you can live”. ‘This Place Is Dead Anyway’ is an impeccable big, bold and confident song to bring the curtain down on an album that I seriously can’t recommend enough.

Steve Tay

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