Burning Ferns
See Saw Seen

Released: 4th November 2013
Label: Country Mile

If you love your music full of melodies, harmonies and infectious choruses all crafted together with muscianship of the highest quality then you need look no further than this fantastic debut album ‘See Saw Seen’ by Newport band Burning Ferns. This is a debut album which, since first hearing the band's demos, I have been waiting patiently for.

‘See Saw Seen’ is as perfect as guitar based music can get, from the moment you press play on opening track ‘John’ I guarantee you will be hooked by the time the first verse comes to an end. ‘All Roads Lead To Rome’ has a laid back summery feel that makes you long for these dark nights to fade away while 'Sand’ is a timeless pop song that will be swirling around your head for a very long time to come. By this point there really is no turning back and you will be wondering why this band are not a household name.

Further highlights on the album include ‘Crunch Time’ which starts with an instantly catchy guitar riff, thumping drum beat and delicate acoustic guitar set low in the mix. The instruments pause slightly before joining the vocals in an opening verse full of harmonies from the very first word. There are not many songs out there in which the melody of the verse is as strong as the chorus but that is exactly what you get with this track. ‘In Chains’ is another great pop song, where the guitar riffs, melodies and percussion all provide the perfect match for the vocals that are delivered in a dreamlike manner. ‘I’ve No Mind’ could have been lifted straight from the ‘60s, every note and word is delivered with meaning and belief, this clearly is a band who love creating music together.

I really must start to draw this review to a conclusion and stop kidding myself by trying to pick highlights, the album as a whole is one big highlight which truly deserves to be in every record collection in the land. Although I do feel I need to draw extra attention to the album closer ‘Clouds Forming’. This is a beautiful song which brings the curtain down on this album in a reflective manner that will be sure to leave you with a great big smile on your face.......and ultimately isn’t that what we want from Great British pop music?

Steve Tay

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