Cate Le Bon
Mug Museum

Released: 11th November 2013
Label: Turnstile

As I listen to ‘Mug Museum’ over and over again I find myself in complete awe of the sounds gracefully emerging through my speakers. Seriously, Cate Le Bon is one of the greatest talents within music right now, her songwriting and vocal delivery mark Cate out as an artist the entire world should treasure.

‘I Can’t Help You’ opens the album with hypnotising melodies that will instantly grab your attention and, as with so many of the songs on this album, the instrumentation is delivered in a way that allows Cate’s vocals to completely take centre stage. ‘Are You With Me’ is full of emotion and feeling, set to an uplifting melody which will leave you not knowing whether to smile or cry. Cate always manages to provoke emotions in her listeners and never more so than throughout ‘Mug Museum’ which sees Cate write about loss, grief and trying to move forward in life. ‘Duke’ pushes Cate’s vocals to places they have never been before on record and as the song reaches its climax you can hear Cate pushing herself as far as she can.

Other highlights on this incredible album include ‘I Think I Knew’, an enchanting duet with Perfume Genius which will take over your entire world. The combination of Cate’s and Perfume Genius’ vocals are perfect and you really will be hard pushed to find a more tender and beautiful song than this. ‘Sisters’ is an uptempo song to take over your soul, the lyrics seem to see Cate reflect upon her own mortality as she sings “I’m a sister I won’t die”. ‘Mirror Me’ is a haunting song in which every sound we hear has been clearly thought out by talented musicians who care about the songs they create. The perfect end to a perfect album is 'Mug Museum', its delicate piano and tender vocals will simply send shivers throughout your whole body.

I have only mentioned the highlights here and I really cannot stress enough that ‘Mug Museum’ is an album that you shouldn't listen to in isolation. The whole album is a highlight and one you will find yourself listening to on repeat, with ever increasing admiration for Cate Le Bon.

Steve Tay

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