Released: 15th July 2016
Label: Fika Recordings

Transitions is the new EP from Cosines and, for all of us that fell in love with their debut album Oscillations in 2014, I am sure our arms and hearts are open wide to welcome this new EP whilst we continue to eagerly await a second album. As the title suggests the EP deals with topics of change and starting over, but what the title does not prepare you for is how these topics are wrapped up in amazing pop tunes that will have you dancing without a care in the world.

‘Let’s Start It Over’ opens the EP and was written as a reaction to the sad closure of many independent music venues. The band truly manage to capture what these independent venues mean to many people; the inspiration they have given and the indescribable vibe of an indie dance floor are certainly captured within this great song.

Anyone familiar with Cosines will be aware that ‘Ra’ is not an obvious tune choice of theirs, but it is still very remarkable as it takes us on a new journey of twists and turns whilst at the same time having that charming, infectious quality that made us fall in love with the band in the first place. ‘Dunbar’ sees the band diving in with synths and creating a fantastic electro-pop song. Once you stop dancing to the melodies the lyrics will instantly speak to the minority (the recent referendum means decent people are the minority now) as the band sing “All you guys with the money should just leave our shit alone”. The EP concludes with ‘Chaos Theory’, a sweet, moving pop song that discusses the end of a relationship. If all relationships could end with such wonderful pop sensibilities then the world would be significantly improved for many.

The world needs pop music right now and Cosines are certainly doing their bit. Grab hold of Transition now; you will smile, you will dance and more than anything you will forget your worries.

Steve Tay

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