Daryl Waller
The Baby Blues

Released: 6th April 2015
Label: Flawedcore Records

‘The Baby Blues’ is the debut record by Daryl Waller who is a visual artist by trade and who has, thankfully for us music fans, now recorded, produced and released this album on his independent label Flawedcore Records.

‘The Baby Blues’ is not an album about post-natal depression, it is an honest, emotional, sad and beautiful record about Daryl wishing to have a child of his own. Listening to the music and lyrics it instantly becomes clear to the listener that Daryl is an artist who is not afraid to pour his heart and feelings into his songs; sad and beautiful might not seem like the perfect mix but, when it comes to this album, they really are. Listening to the album will no doubt make you sad, but there is beauty to be found in sadness and that is what makes ‘The Baby Blues’ memorable.

There are so many stand out moments on the album including ‘Take Me Anywhere’ which, with its infectious melodies and gentle soothing vocals, will be sure to instantly win the hearts of the listeners. ‘Shoad’ is likely to be the best two minutes of music you hear all year as the guitar and vocals combine with grace and elegance throughout, and the hypnotic arrangement on ‘The Breeze’ will ensure the listener’s entire mind is focused throughout.

Further highlights include ‘There Is Something’. When it comes to songwriting, hearing a singer reflect upon himself and life and pour that honesty into song generally results in a something great, and that is exactly what you get with ‘There is Something’ as Daryl sings “There is something about me that brings out the very worst in people I meet in the street, There is something about you that brings out the very best in people how do you do that”. ‘Look To Your Mother’ is another gorgeous piece of music that is a real pleasure to listen to. ‘Smooth Hands’ brings the curtain down on this gem of a record in such a perfect way and the theme of the album seems to be captured perfectly in the lyrics “What if you go away forever, what if you go away for good”. The melodies are uplifting in parts whilst the vocals retain that vulnerability that made you fall in love with the album at the start.

‘The Baby Blues’ is an absolute gem that needs to be shared amongst family, friends and basically everyone you know, and even those you don’t.

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