Elvis Perkins
I Aubade

Released: 6th June 2015
Label: MIR

‘I Aubade’ is the third album from Elvis Perkins. When reviewing albums it is hard not to make comparisons to the artist’s previous work and the album which first drew your attention to them which, in the case of Elvis Perkins, is his incredible debut ‘Ash Wednesdsay’ which saw Elvis being rightfully mentioned in the same breath as Elliott Smith. So, I will get this out of the way at the start, ‘I Aubade’ is not as good as ‘Ash Wednesday’, but that probably says more about ‘Ash Wednesday’ than it does about ‘I Aubade’.

As a collection of songs ‘I Aubade’ sounds natural, honest and raw and has a very dreamlike state to it as one song flows gently into the next; at times it is hard to tell when one song ends and the next one begins. The vulnerability and sadness that first drew me to Elvis Perkins is prominent throughout this album especially in tracks ‘My Kind’, ‘It’s Now or Never Loves’ and ‘All Today’, an incredibly sad and beautiful song that just makes you want to give Elvis a big hug, “Oh to be somewhere, or somebody else, Oh to have someone, all to myself”. ‘Hogus Pocus’ gives the album its uplifting moment (well, as uplifting as we can expect from Elvis), the melodies and vocals are somewhat cheery and the lyrics are positive “No more crying, no more denying, no more complying for me”.

Picking highlights when reviewing ‘I Aubade’ for me is a pointless task as it is a great do-it-yourself album which pushes the boundaries of what recording independently is all about. It is one of those albums that some people will instantly get whilst others will dismiss, but I really urge you that if ‘I Aubade’ does not move you in some way on your first listen then be patient, keep returning to the album and, if you give it the time it deserves, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Steve Tay

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