Emily Wells

Released: 3rd June 2013
Label: Partisan Records

Following the release of Field Report, Partisan bring us another record this time by Emily Wells that you can dive into head first and develop a relationship with that will be sure to last a life time. ‘Mama’ is an album that you simply can’t categorise, there is no one genre that this album fits neatly into, it is a combination of folk, hip hop, acoustic and electronic. All these different genres and influences intertwine to create an album of real intensity and beauty that you feel the whole world needs to be embracing.

The great thing about ‘Mama’ by Emily Wells is the more you listen to it, the more you discover things that may have passed you by the first time. With each listen to this album you will find yourself falling deeper in love with the sounds that are emerging from your speakers.

Some of the many highlights include ‘Piece Of It’ a very folky and haunting opening to the album, the hushed vocals will instantly grab your attention. ‘Dirty Sneakers and Underwear’ is a spooky yet summery song that needs to be heard. ‘Mama’s Gonna Give You Love’ sees Emily drawing on her hip hop influences, this is a very infectious song that you will never tire of. ‘Johnny Cash’s Mama’s House’ is full of sunshine that needs to be played as loud as possible on a beautiful sunny afternoon. ‘Darlin’ is a gorgeous folk song, that cleverly covers ‘Oh My Darling Clementine’. This song clearly marks Emily Wells out as a talent that needs to be heard.

‘Mama’ is without a doubt an album that, if given the time it deserves, will become a firm favourite of many and is one that will be in for serious consideration when it comes to those ‘end of year lists’.

Steve Tay

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