Emperor Yes
An Island Called Earth

Released: 13th October 2014
Label: Alcopop Records

“And the frogs rained down from the sky, they hit the ground, and croaked their last croak” is the lyric that opens this gorgeous debut album from Emperor Yes. If you are anything like me, as soon as you hear that lyric from the opening Flaming Lips-esque song 'It’s The End Of The World’, you will be firmly hooked on this album which deals with the apocalypse in an uplifting and cosmic way and ensures that if this beautiful planet of ours ever does come to an end this is the record you will want to provide the soundtrack.

The next two songs take wasps and cats as subjects and their struggle to survive the end of the world. ‘Wasps’ is played out over uplifting melodies and harmonies giving the listener no choice but to sing and smile, especially with the infectious chorus “It’s time we get together, show what we can do, you hold onto me and I’ll hold onto you”. ‘Cosmic Cat’ has an abundance of riches, there are so many uplifting sounds throughout this song created by synths, drums and vocals which have been produced in a way that makes every sound bounce off each other in perfect harmony. ‘Cosmos’ will again take you on an uplifting journey from which you will never want to return, you will feel like you are floating amongst the stars and planets and believe that anything is possible as singer Ash Gardner sings “It’s easy to get lost, and yet we are young and curious”.

Further highlights on this album include ‘Mirror’ which introduces a darker, more mysterious side to the album. ‘Monkey King’ is another great pop song which reflects upon how a monkey would deal with the end of the world, and any battles it may have to take with the planets and stars....sounds bizarre.....of course it does, but by now you should have understood that bizarre and beautiful is what this band appear to do best. ‘Carl Sagan’ sees the band pay tribute to the astronomer, who has undoubtedly had a great influence on this band.

In ‘An Island Called Earth’ Emperor Yes have given us an album that will make us think, make us smile, give us a great deal of enjoyment and no longer fear the end of the world.

Steve Tay

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