Erlend Øye

Released: 24th November 2014
Label: Bubbles Records

Let's get one thing out of the way at the start, Legao is not a record that is going to set the world on fire and is a record that could easily pass so many by. However, what needs to be stressed here is that if you do let this record pass you by you will really be missing out.

I am sure many of you will be familiar with Erlend Øye as a member of Kings of Convenience and The Whitest Boy Alive, and from his debut solo album in 2003. If you are familiar with his work then, like me, you will undoubtably be smiling from ear to ear when a new album arrives. Like all the work that Erlend has put his name to, Legao is an album that does not disappoint, its loveliness leaves you feeling all warm and safe, perfect for these cold winter nights.

Erlend is joined on Legao by Icelandic reggae band Hjálmar who provide the album with a laid-back and carefree feel. Highlights are aplenty and include the opening track ‘Fence Me In’ which instantly makes you feel at ease with its infectious melodies and rhythm combined with Erlend’s adorable vocals. ‘Say Goodbye' is a gorgeous song full of vulnerability and sadness as Erlend sings “Let's go to sleep and wake up and try again”. ‘Peng Pong' instantly grabs hold of you with its sun-kissed melodies and lyrics that are straight from the heart, and the introduction of the piano on 'Who Do You Report To' is exactly what is needed at this point in the album to ensure the listener’s focus is retained. If ‘Rainman' does not make you smile then I think you really need to ask yourself some serious questions; this is another perfectly crafted pop song by Erlend Øye and a modern day great.

Legao is an album that will be treasured by the many devotees that Erlend Øye has across the world and if for any reason you have not had your life enriched by this man's music, it's really not too late. Buy this album and I guarantee you will be eternally grateful.

Steve Tay

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