Ethan Johns
If Not Now Then When?

Released: 4th February 2013
Label: Three Crows Records

Ethan Johns is a name that is no stranger to the music industry, he has a Brit Award under his belt and is best known for his work as producer for Ryan Adams, Laura Marling and Kings Of Leon.

Ethan has decided that 2013 is the year for him to step out from behind the mixing desk and release his first solo album ‘If Not Now Then When’. The album is a collection of folk, acoustic and blues tracks that will of course appeal to fans of the artists mentioned above. The album will also hopefully gain success across a wide audience of music lovers and not just fans of Ryan Adams and Laura Marling. The songs have been put together in such a sleek manner that the listener has no option but to love them.

‘Hello Sunshine’ opens the album with a vocal performance that will leave you feeling warm and safe and ‘Morning Blues’ is a blues stomper that will have you holding on for dear life. ‘Eden’ is just stunning, the combination of guitars, piano and soft percussion have been put together with so much precision by an artist who cares greatly about the music he creates. ‘Red Rooster Blue’ is an uplifting song that should be number one all across the world.

Further highlights on this breathtaking album include ‘Rally’, a folk led song played with honesty and belief, ‘Whip Poor Will’ proving that you do not need to overcomplicate things in music, the softness throughout this song is both powerful and memorable and ‘Willow’, a song built around an infectious melody which instantly makes the song jump out at you.

Stepping out from the mixing desk into the limelight can be a risk for some, however, when it comes to Ethan Johns the limelight firmly deserves to be shining brightly over him.

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