Euros Childs
Situation Comedy

Released: 21st October 2013
Label: National Elf

It has been said on many occasions here at AMP that Euros Childs is a national treasure, he is one of those artists whose legendary status all members of AMP agree on and is one that we simply could not live without. His ninth solo album ‘Situation Comedy’ further cements our belief that Euros is one of the greatest singer songwriters of the last twenty five years.

On the surface Situation Comedy is an upbeat pop album, full of melodies and infectious choruses that will instantly grab your attention, however, the genius lies beyond the melodies. In a similar way to Ray Davies, Euros writes songs that take people as their subject, allowing their characters and individual stories, and quite often dark sides, to develop within the songs.

Some of the many highlights on this beautiful and fascinating album include ‘Tête à Tête’ which has to be the greatest pop song this year, its timeless melodies ensure this is a song that you will be sure to love. There are many standout lyrics in this song including “Your legs are longer than a sunday movie” and “Santa Claus don’t come down the chimney anymore, not since the switch to gas”. ‘Second Home Blues’ sees Euros trying to imagine what a materialistic life would be like, and the desire to own a second home, then realising that money does not bring happiness. ‘Ooh La Oona’ contains the incredibly infectious refrain of “Oh baby it's all economics to me, I ain’t looking for love”.

‘Holiday From Myself’ is a tender, reflective song that appears to be about a singer songwriter wanting change. But before we fall into the trap of thinking this is a song about Euros himself, have a listen to the lyric “I’ve been playing the same old shit since 1994”, anyone familiar with the work of Euros over the years will know how diverse and eclectic his output has been. ‘Daddy’s Girl’ is an emotional country ballad that is likely to bring tears to your eyes, the line “Daddy’s girl, bringing sunshine into my life, daddy’s girl” is sure to hit a chord with many, although before you have time to wipe away those tears you realise this is a song about the dad kidnapping his girl.

‘Trick Of The Mind’, a thirteen minute song, ends this quite incredible album. The piano is haunting and repetitive throughout but will instantly grab hold of every emotion that you have. The vocals are gentle and tender ensuring that you are hanging on to every word Euros sings.

After writing all of the above, and listening to this album repeatedly, I feel humble and that the words I write do not accurately describe how amazing this album is, although I don’t think there are any words in the English language that could do justice to the songs that Euros Childs gives the world.

Steve Tay

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