Let's Go Extinct

Released: 10th February 2014
Label: Fanfarlo

Do you want an album to lift you out of this incredibly wet and windy winter we are having? If so, the third album ‘Let’s Go Extinct’ from Fanfarlo is the album that will do just that. ‘Let’s Go Extinct’ is an album full of euphoric pop songs that have been produced with sublime precision, ensuring that every sound you hear will be sure to make you feel happy and full of life.

If you are in need of reference points before deciding whether to give this album your listening time, then think no further than the likes of Arcade Fire, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and Beirut. If you are a fan of those bands in particular, or if you are simply a fan of great pop music, then this is an album you simply have to listen to.

The album comes charging out of the blocks with a bold and confident six minute track ‘Life In The Sky’ which will instantly hook you in a tight grip and ensure you are in for the duration. ‘Cell Song’ follows with an adorable melody that will have you gazing deep into the blue sky then, before you know it, an infectious chorus will plant itself firmly inside your head and threaten to stay with you for the rest of the day. ‘Ruse’ allows the vocals to take centre stage with delicate background keys and percussion providing the perfect companion.

Further highlights include ‘A Distance’ which can be held up as a perfect example of how to create a pop song, this song has such an 80s influence and would have fitted perfectly into a John Hughes film. ‘We’re The Future’ combines dark moody drums, synths, gentle echoes and vocals, providing the ingredients for another great pop song.

Ok, I think I need to stop there, by listing the first five songs on this album as highlights gives the game away that I am a huge fan of this album. I could continue to highlight the strengths in the remaining five songs but I think you just need to go away and enjoy this album for yourself.

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