Futur Primitif
Machine Teeth

Released: 18th March 2013
Label: Integrity Records

Futur Primitif is the new project from Daniel Lefkowitz (The Low Anthem) and Jared Elmore. ‘Machine Teeth’ is the debut album for this new project and after one listen I can confidently say that this is a wonderful record that quite simply needs to be heard. Fans of The Low Anthem will instantly be jumping with joy as soon as the album starts playing as elements of The Low Anthem can be heard throughout. Although that is not to say that Daniel has just copied The Low Anthem, the input of Jared Elmore has given the album an electronic sound with synths and drum machines.

‘Nuclear Shockwave’ opens the album in a stunning way, the gentle, uplifting strumming of the acoustic guitar and the heartfelt vocal delivery instantly grab hold of the listener then, before you know it, you are swept off your feet by an infectious chorus. ‘Digital Space’ manages to create a sound so sparse yet so full at the same time whilst ‘Machine Teeth’ portrays moments of real emotion about everyday factory life and dreaming for an escape “I feel I’m stuck inside a moving motion picture machine, but I punch the clock everyday at three”. ‘Current Fiction’ should come with a warning that this is a song that is highly likely to bring you to tears, ‘Silver Bullet’ has a dark sound which will instantly capture your attention and imagination and ‘Kissinger’s Lips’ is ten incredibly fascinating minutes of music that combines quivering vocals, synths, percussion and sonic guitar riffs that will take your breath away. ‘Time’ ends the album in a perfect way, the echoing guitars and vocals will leave you filled with a wonderful, warm and happy feeling inside.

My love of The Low Anthem may have lent itself to a slight bias towards this album although, that love and bias aside, I feel there can be no denying that ‘Machine Teeth’ is a majestic album and one that once you have listened to you will instantly cherish.

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