Season Sun

Released: 14th July 2014
Label: Sonic Cathedral

The soundtrack to summer 2014 has arrived in the form of ‘Season Sun’ from Welsh band Gulp. Following the release of their single ‘Play’ and performances at Green Man Festival and Sŵn Festival in 2013, this has been an album that I have been eagerly anticipating.

From the moment I pressed play and the colourful, psychedelic sounds of ‘Game Love’ started to float gently inside my head, I knew that the anticipation had been more than worth it. ‘Let’s Grow’ follows with dreamy melodies and vocals that let the listener conjure images of beautiful landscapes that just roll on and on. ‘Clean and Serene’ has more of a mysterious trance-like sound to it, instantly drawing the listener deep inside the soul of this wonderful album. ‘Vast Space’, with its pulsating rhythms, will provide the perfect soundtrack for a summer's evening drive through the countryside or along a coastline.

There is no escaping from ‘Grey Area’ as the seductive vocals from Lindsey Levan will ensure this is a song you will always remember. ‘Seasoned Sun’ is a perfect summers pop song with melodies and vocals drenched in sunshine. ‘Play’ has a very carefree 1960s feel to it, the dreamy vocals and cosmic, psychedelic melodies will instantly make you forget whatever it is you are meant to be doing, and nothing else will matter apart from the wonderful sounds filling your head.

If you can imagine the most beautiful and peaceful dream that you do not want to wake from, then you get a good idea of how great a song ‘Hot Water’ is. The sharing of vocals on ‘Everything’ combined with the delicate twinkling keys all combine in a carefully considered manner to give us yet another sublime song to wrap our ears around. ‘I Want To Dance’ brings the album to a close in a cheerful way, if you do not have a smile on your face when Lindsey seductively says ‘Ok let’s dance’ then you may need to start asking yourself some serious questions.

Although I had so much anticipation for this album, ‘Season Sun’ is better than I had hoped for. This will be on my turntable all summer, and will be one that I rely on to brighten up the dark, winter days when they arrive.

Steve Tay

Several Wolves

Released:11th Aug 2014

Released:22nd June 2014
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