Write In

Released: 14th April 2017
Label: Moshi Moshi

‘Write In’ is the follow up to Happyness’ 2014 debut ‘Weird Little Birthday’, an album which I described at the time as capturing the mood and vibe of the 90s and, with that in mind, it would take some follow up to ensure the listeners kept their love for this band. Well, after indulging myself in the wonderful sounds of ‘Write In’ I can say with every confidence that Happyness have yet again given us another beautiful and perfect album.

Listening to ‘Write In’ you can clearly hear the progression in the band’s sound, they have not just stuck to what worked for their debut, they have taken their sound up a level and recorded an album full of creativity and songs that we can all believe in, songs that perfectly complement one another and result in another album for us all to cherish with every ounce of our being.

‘Falling Down’ opens the album with incredibly captivating guitar work that spins and spirals leaving you twisted inside and out. When the vocals enter the song your heart will be well and truly handed over to the band to do with as they feel fit. ‘The Reel Starts Again [Man as Ostrich]’ has gorgeous vocals and melodies that echo and shimmer through the air making the world suddenly seem at peace. ‘Anytime’ is yet another perfectly put-together song with guitars, drums and vocals bouncing off each other to create a wonderful sound that will leave you feeling warm and happy inside.

‘Write In’ is overflowing with highlights and you only have to listen to ‘Uptrend_Style Raids’ for further evidence of the greatness of this band; enthralling guitar work, drums that hold everything together and vocals sitting perfectly in the mix making us listen acutely to every word we hear. ‘Anna, Lisa Calls’ was made to soundtrack endless, carefree summer days, trust me from the minute you hear this song you will be longing for the summer to arrive. ‘Tunnel Vision On Your Part’ is an absolute pleasure to listen to, the delicate, tender vocals and whimsical melodies ensure this album has the perfect ending.

For me everything on ‘Write In’ is perfect. Music has always existed to take us away from reality, make us feel happy and, pardon the pun, Happyness have yet again done exactly that and more.

Steve Tay

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