H. Hawkline
In The Pink Of Condition

Released: 2nd February 2015
Label: Heavenly Records

'In The Pink Of Condition' is the latest album to come from the genius mind that belongs to H Hawkline and is his first album since signing to Heavenly Records. We have confidence that with the backing of this great record label Huw’s music will now be able to infiltrate the masses and blow people’s minds. The adorable and infectious melodies take the listener on a majestic journey, full twists and turns and psychedelic dreams, from which they are likely to never want to return.

‘Sticky Slithers’ will immediately capture your imagination with melodies, hooks and infectious rhythms that ensure this is a song that instantly becomes embedded in your heart and soul. ‘Isobelle’ comes hurtling at you with energy and charm and ‘Everybody’s on the Line’ will be sure to seduce you with twinkling keys and vocals; an arrangement that makes this song stand out as a modern day great.

Further highlights on this incredible album include ‘Moons In My Mirror’ with a chorus that will be ringing around your head for a long time to come and ‘Ringfinger’ which will sweep you off your feet and leave you with no option other than to dance and sing without a care in the world. ‘In Love’ is a timeless song full of genuine beauty and love, in fact the word genuine can be used to describe this whole album as there really is nothing fake about H. Hawkline, an artist who simply lives and breathes the music he creates. ‘Back In Town’ gives the album the perfect ending. There is an anthemic feel to this song, not in the traditional stadium-filling sense, but one in which you want to share the experience of listening to this song at the end of the night with those that matter most to you.

In The Pink Of Condition is an album that you will never get bored of, it is one of those truly special albums which, on each listen, you discover something new and find yourself falling in love with over and over again.

Steve Tay

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