Released: 28th July 2014
Label: Alone Together

If you are looking for an album that is full of melancholic charm with a distinct northern sound to it, which allows the listener to grow with the album as each song unfolds and which gets better and better upon each listen, then Horsebeach is the album for you.

‘Faded Eyes’ opens the album with chiming guitars that instantly make you think of The Smiths, with vocals that float gently over the melodies in a very soothing manner. The title of the next track ‘Yesterdays’ gives it all away, this is a beautiful reflective song that is perfect for a lazy summer day gazing up at the clouds thinking of days gone by. The way in which the melodies and vocals combine throughout ‘Even’ show that this is a band who know how to put together a pop song, the lyrics also give us a glimpse inside Ryan Kennedy’s mind, “I close my eyes and I could stay here for good” giving the impression that he, like so many, is longing for that place to escape to.

Further highlights on this debut album include ‘June’, the combination of the bass line and jingle jangle guitars will be sure to lift the mood of everyone that listens to this summery song. Once again there is a clue in the title of the song ‘Midnight’, this is a soulful end of the night song with lyrics that are full of emotion, “If I changed your mind would you come back to me, I’ve tried a million things, and I still end up back this way”. ‘Dull’ is a great example of that distinct Northern sound. There has always been something special in the music created in the North of the UK and, as this album develops, Horsebeach prove they are more than worthy of carrying the torch, surely Morrissey himself would be proud of the lyrics “Lying here next to me, our lips entwined hopelessly”.

Horsebeach is an album that you need to give a lot of care and attention to, but once you have given it the time it deserves I guarantee you will be very glad you did.

Steve Tay

Season Sun

Released: 11th Aug 2014

Released: 22nd June 2014
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