Ivan Moult
Second Guessing

Released: 8th September 2014
Label: Bubblewrap Records

People say good things come to those who wait and that is certainly true now that the debut album from Ivan Moult is finally with us. Four years have passed since ‘The Mine Canary’ EP was released, an EP that instantly made us fall in love with the music that Ivan creates and led us to declare him one of the greatest singer songwriters around at the moment. Thankfully, after listening to this debut, I feel relieved that Ivan has not made me look silly with those bold statements, 'Second Guessing' is a real gem of an album and one that you can’t live your life without hearing.

‘Function and Form’ opens the album with delicate guitar melodies and soothing vocals that will instantly hold you captive. ‘Lazy Day’ gives the album a carefree mood, conjuring up images of endless sandy beaches and the clear blue sea. ‘I Know I’ll Never Be Born Again’ contains dark, hypnotic melodies that allow Ivan’s vocals to float away in a gentle wave of tranquility.

Further highlights include ‘Photos’ which overflows with laid-back grooves and ‘Lovers Leave‘ is a truly beautiful and heartfelt song that, to me, is already a classic I will listen to for the rest of my days. One of the greatest songs you will hear this year is 'Most Of All', the strings throughout will have you in tears and the vocals, that instantly make you think of Nick Drake, ensure this is a song you will instantly cherish.

‘Second Guessing’ is an album that will be one for many to fall in love with, just make sure you do not let the album pass you by. Waiting four years for ‘Second Guessing’ was certainly worth it, just please don’t make us wait so long for album number two.

Steve Tay

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