Jacco Gardner

Released: 4th May 2015
Label: Full Time Hobby

In 2013 Jacco Gardner arrived and twisted our minds with his take on psychedelic pop in his fantastic debut album ‘Cabinet Of Curiosities’. Two years later this incredibly talented Dutch artist is back with his second album ‘Hypnophobia’, an album on which he plays all instruments except the drums. This talent can be heard throughout ‘Hypnophobia’ as one track moves into another in such a seamless way.

‘Another You’ opens the album with a haunting sound, the drums and vocals soon arrive and from that moment your attention is sure to be captured. Instrumental track ‘Grey Lanes’ follows and if there were any track that sounds like the perfect dream it would be this one. That dreamlike sound is dominant throughout the entire album, this is one of those albums to listen to with your headphones on just before falling asleep. The word perfect again jumps out of my mind as I try to describe ‘Brightly’, the Syd Barrett influence can clearly be heard and the way the song weaves from verse to chorus ensures this is a song you will not forget in a hurry.

Further highlights include ‘Face To Face’, the combination of delicate instrumentation and tender vocals give the song a very heartbreaking feel. ‘Before The Dawn’ is an eight minute hypnotic wonder that will shatter your mind while the title track itself is absolutely spellbinding, the bass, glockenspiel, drums and vocals all melt into each other in such a colourful way.

Two albums in and Jacco Gardner has more than proved that when it comes to psychedelic pop he is up there with the best.

Steve Tay

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