Laura J Martin
Dazzle Days

Released: 28th October 2013
Label: Static Caravan

Wow!!!! Honestly, wow is the first word that springs to mind when listening to the second album ‘Dazzle Days’ from the irresistible Laura J Martin.

Listening to so much music I often stop and think what it is that makes me like a song or album. Sometimes it can be a melody, an uplifting chorus, an inspiring guitar riff, a pulsating rhythm, a lyric I can instantly relate to and inspires me, or it can be the fact that it sounds like nothing else I am listening to at the moment. The latter is exactly how I feel about ‘Dazzle Days’. Due to its uniqueness, this is an album that instantly makes me want to listen to it until the end of my days.

To begin to even try and categorise this album would be a complete and utter waste of time, it is an album that defies genres. From the moment the dramatic instrumental opener of ‘Thaw’ leads into the insanely catchy ‘Red Flag’ you know this is a journey that you will never want to end.

Further highlights on this incredible album include ‘Sour Grapes’, the vocal delivery in this song has to be the cutest ever, the la la la la la la la la’s will instantly jump inside your head and will be echoing around for a very long time to come. ‘Aged Crow’ is another adorable song that will have you listening intently to every sound being made and ‘On Our Shoulders’ is a short, sweet song where Laura’s angelic vocals are accompanied with carefully thought out sounds. ‘At The Close Of The Day’ and ‘Closed Hands’ give the album a fairytale ending.

I could keep on writing, but I feel the words I write can’t do justice to this amazing album. Just go and buy it for yourself now, and trust me you will feel like you have stumbled across some lost treasure.

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