Lee Ranaldo and the Dust
Last Night On Earth

Released: 7th October 2013
Label: Matador

I don't know if anyone else had a favourite Sonic Youth member but for me it was always Lee Ranaldo. Not to sell any of the other members short but, for me, his songs always felt like the jewel in an already impeccable crown.

The follow up to last years 'Between the Times and the Tides' starts with the fantastic 'Lecce, Leaving' which sets the tone for the album; slightly psychedelic with a few of the undertones of his work with Sonic Youth, but the thing that really shines through is just how great a guitarist Ranaldo really is. It's never really been a question of how good he was but without Thurston to compete along side it takes on a whole life of its own bringing to mind some of the more epic Neil Young tracks. All the tracks on the album are over five minutes apart from 'Late Descent #2' which is probably the weakest track but still sits perfectly as a concessive whole, with all the other tracks carving expansive soundscapes.

It's reassuring that if the end truly is nigh for Sonic Youth at least we can all be happy and safe in the knowledge that even out of context its members are capable of something so engaging.



Released: 1st July 2013
Cerulean Salt

Released: 1st July 2013
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