Little Arrow
Old Ink

Released: 6th July 2015
Label: Bubblewrap Collective

Old Ink is the fourth album from Welsh band Little Arrow. Following the release of Furious Finite last year, Old Ink sees the band return to a minimalist, acoustic-led sound for their latest offering and, as with everything Little Arrow have recorded, they have yet again given us something which we can enjoy a thousand times over.

‘Ain’t That A Shame’ opens the album with Will Hughes’ voice backed by a gentle acoustic guitar. This is one of those incredible songs that shows that, at times, there really is no need to try and over-complicate music; an acoustic guitar, gentle percussion and a voice which is both mesmerising and tender certainly do it for me. ‘Sun Sky’ is four and a half minutes of absolute beauty, it’s a song with two book ends and a bookshelf full of the most beautiful things you could imagine - that might sound like a strange way to describe a song but if you listen to it I am sure you will feel the same. ‘Worth A Winter’ continues to leave the listener feeling warm and safe inside, which is the main theme that seems to run through the whole album. ‘Old Ink’ is an album that you could listen to at any time of the day or night, at any time of the year, and it will instantly make you feel safe and forget about any troubles in the world.

Highlights are everywhere in this album and you really can’t afford to skip tracks, however, I would like to draw attention to ‘Labours In Making’ where every sound feels like it has been created by musicians who put a great deal of thought into their art. ‘Falling Hills’ is the most musically upbeat song on the album and will make you want to jump up and go skipping through a meadow full of flowers. ‘Again Grow Green’ is a gorgeous, infectious song that you will not forget in a hurry, you will be hard pushed to find any other band recording a song like this, and that is one of the many reasons why we love Little Arrow, they are a band who are unique and who love and care about the music they create.

‘Old Ink’ is available now from Bubblewrap Collective and comes with a 28 page 'zine which includes artwork by the band alongside various artists, designers, writers and illustrators.

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