Los Campesinos!
Sick Scenes

Released: 24th February 2017
Label: Wichita Recordings

Hooray for Los Campesinos! a band who have, for a decade, held firm to what they believe in, recording the music they want to record and acting as an uplifting symbol for everything indie music should be. Their fifth album Sick Scenes is a shining light in 2017, an album that finds the band questioning their place in the world and whether to continue doing what they love. Well for us lucky listeners it is unquestionably a great thing that the band have stuck firm to their values and given us another truly amazing album.

There are many outstanding moments that will stir emotions within, moments that you will be able to relate to your own life. A fine example of this is ‘The Fall of Home’, a reflective song that anyone who grew up in a small town in the UK will be able to relate to, “Teenage pubs all boarded up” provides a realistic yet sad image of the times we live in. ‘Sad Suppers’ will no doubt become a firm favourite amongst the loyal fanbase, surely no one on planet earth will be able to stand still when listening to this song. The lyrics on ‘I Broke up in Amarante’ clearly show an insight into the band’s thoughts whilst recording this album “It seems unfair to try your best but feel the worst”.

‘A Slow, Slow Death’ provides the album with a glorious, anthemic moment that you will fall in love with on first listen. The lyrics are genius and compare the vast differences in people’s lives “You on a lilo on an island off the Pacific, then me, I am face down in a puddle on a high street”. ‘5 Flucloxacillin’ contains cheerful melodies and harmonies that will make you smile as you listen to a much-needed politically charged song. Los Campesinos! have never been a band to shy away from their love of football and ‘For Whom The Belly Tolls’ contains references to the beautiful game.

I will send you on your way with one further highlight, the album closer ‘Hung Empty’, an energetic song that will no doubt have you dancing without a care in the world. Like many Los Campesinos! songs it’s not just the uplifting tune that we love, it’s the lyrics and this song sees the band thinking about the future as Gareth sings “Not right to call this old age, But it certainly ain’t youth no more, This certainly ain’t youth” …what a perfect thought to end on.

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