Martin Carr
The Breaks

Released: 29th September 2014
Label: Tapete Records

Martin Carr is, without a doubt, one of the greatest songwriters of the last twenty-five years and is one of the blessed few that have that natural knack for crafting the perfect British pop song. Yes the first thing that people think of on hearing the name Martin Carr is ‘Wake Up Boo’, the song that just always seemed to be there in the mid 90s, but Martin Carr is more than just that one song. He, together with the likes of Mark Morris and Gaz Coombes, is a songwriter who has more than survived the Britpop crash and needs to be recognised as a modern-day great.

Martin’s latest solo album ‘The Breaks’ is, for me, already a pop classic. There is nothing groundbreaking within these ten songs and nothing that will change the world, but there are times when the world does not need changing; all it needs is a reminder of what true British pop music should sound like, and that is exactly what ‘The Breaks’ does.

‘The Santa Fe Skyway’ is a glorious sun-drenched opener full of blissful vocals and hazy melodies that allow the listener to instantly fall in love with the album. ‘St Peter In Chains’ is one of the greatest pop songs you will hear this year, the simple, repetitive chorus effectively ensures this is a song that will become firmly stuck inside your head for a long time to come.

Further highlights on this album include ‘Mainstream’, a tender acoustic song that allows Martin’s beautiful vocals to take centre stage. ‘Mountains’, with its hushed melodies and vocals, has a very 1960s feel to it and the irresistible ‘Senseless Apprentice’ makes you glad to be alive to hear it. ‘I Don’t Think I’ll Make It’ sees Martin pouring his heart into the lyrics “Our love was a beautiful thing” while the infectious melodies, gentle vocals and harmonicas all combine on 'The Breaks' to give the album the perfect ending it deserves.

If you want an album that will simply make you fall head over heels in love with British pop music then ‘The Breaks’ is the album to do just that.

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