Morrissey and Marshall
And So It Began

Released: 31st March 2014
Label: Independent Records LTD

‘And So It Began’ is the debut album from Dublin duo Morrissey and Marshall, we had the pleasure of featuring this band in 2012 and have been eagerly awaiting a full length album for the last two years. Now that the wait is over and I can say with a great deal of confidence that the album does not disappoint.

The title track opens the album and instantly grabs hold of the listener with its enthusiastic pace and those trademark harmonies that made us instantly fall in love with this band in the first place. The infectious melodies and chorus will instantly leap inside your head and embed themselves there for the long haul. ‘Pack up Lady’ opens with gentle guitar strumming and spine tingling vocals before launching into “la la la la’s” that will make you feel privileged to have discovered this band whilst ‘Old Tree’ contains melodies with Paul McCartney stamped all over them.

Further highlights on this harmony rich album include ‘In Need Of Guidance’ a perfectly crafted song which combines sombre verses with a passionate chorus. ‘I’ve Got A Plan’, the stand out pop song on the album, which takes a mere thirty seconds before a huge summery chorus wraps itself around our ears. ‘We Are One’ another uplifting song where every sound you hear has been created by musicians who clearly love the songs they write.

‘And So It Began’ is an incredibly strong debut album that deserves to be heard, and will hopefully see Morrissey and Marshall gain the plaudits they deserve.

Steve Tay

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