Nai Harvest

Released: 27th April 2015
Label: Topshelf Records

Sheffield duo Nai Harvest have just unleashed on the world an album that is going to be the soundtrack to many people’s summer. For some reason, when this album first arrived for review, I made an assumption that I was not going to like it. That assumption proved to be blown completely out to sea as soon as I pressed play and opening track ‘Spin’ came charging at me at 100mph with euphoric guitar riffs, pounding drums and vocals that sound like they are being pushed to their limit with every word that is sung.

That euphoric sound, and being pushed to the limit, is the general theme that runs throughout the whole album. Every song sounds like it could be the last the band make and ‘Sick on My Heart’ provides us with the perfect example of just that. Further highlights include ‘All the Time’, there are so many hooks and stand out pop moments in this song that will be sure to have people going crazy at the summer festivals that are just around the corner. ‘Ocean of Madness’ is a dreamy song that provides the album with its only laid-back moment. ‘Gimme Gimme’ is going to be swirling around your head for a very long time to come and ‘Hairball’ gives the album the chaotic ending which I am sure you would have been expecting.

There really is so much to love in this album, it has the sound of a band having fun with so much youthful energy and excitement that is sure to transcend to its audience. The only thing left to do is buy yourself a copy of this album now and I am sure you will not regret it.

Steve Tay

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