Other Lives

Released: 4th May 2015
Label: TBD Records, LLC

Time certainly does go quickly! I can’t believe four years have passed since Other Lives released the gorgeous Tamer Animals, an album that I will never get bored of hearing. Following up this great album was never going to be easy and for much of the past four years Other Lives have spent time touring and gaining fans across the world.

Rituals has the distinct sound of a band on the road; the album has a very solitary feel to it, drifting from one place to another trying to find somewhere to settle and call home. Listening to this album instantly conjures up images of being on an open road with no destination or purpose surrounded by jaw dropping landscapes that appears to be endless.

What makes Rituals a stand out album is the way the fourteen songs unfold, each offering a different narrative with many layered sounds ensuring the listener’s attention does not drift. The percussion throughout the album is incredibly effective and often provides the driving force allowing one song to follow the next in a way that is absolutely flawless.

In an age where people can pick and chose what songs they want to own, Other Lives have reminded the world of the importance of an album as a complete piece of art. Rituals is not an album where you can listen to certain songs and pick your favourites, it is such a complete album that you have no choice but to listen to it from start to finish and marvel at every sound you hear.

Steve Tay

Broken Fires

Released: 18th May 2015
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