Pale Honey
Pale Honey

Released: 4th May 2015
Label: Bolero Recordings

Pale Honey are a duo from Gothenburg whose self-titled debut album is going to make a lot of people sit up and take notice, well it made me sit up and take notice as soon as I pressed play. From the opening track ‘Over Your Head’ there is something very likeable about the music created by Pale Honey. It could be the way the band combine quiet and loud whilst also managing to keep the album feeling intimate and at times haunting which results in the listener becoming very attracted to Pale Honey.

The album is awash with highlights including ‘Youth’ with verses delivered in a rhythmic fashion and a chorus driven by explosive guitar riffs that will ensure the listener is swept off their feet. ‘Tease’ has a very dark and sinister sound to it with a chorus that is sure to fill many an indie dance floor; you could file the vocals quite comfortably next to Karen O or PJ Harvey. ‘Fish’ proves that you don’t need to overcomplicate things in music, the song instantly lures you in with a calming vocal then, before you know it, it’s as though the band have unleashed a bomb with guitars, drums, synths and vocals all clattering amongst each other. The cymbals and chimes throughout ‘0100’ combined with infectious vocals will be sure to bring a great big smile to your face.

Throughout much of the album Pale Honey combine heavy and quiet in a beautiful way but when the duo concentrate on their quiet and tender side the listener really has the opportunity to hear the emotion and charm within their songs. This is no more evident than in ‘Sleep’, a song which shows that less really can be more and, in so doing, brings the curtain down on this album in a way that will leave the listener desperate for more.

Pale Honey have given us an album that will certainly be ranked within the ‘debut album of the year’ category.

Steve Tay

Jacco Gardner

Released: 4th May 2015
Nai Harvest

Released: 27th Apr 2015
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