Paper Aeroplanes

Released: 8th April 2015
Label: Diverse Records

JOY is the third full length album from Welsh alt-folk duo Paper Aeroplanes. The album sees Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn move towards a more upbeat and electronic sound whilst retaining the beautiful, harmonious melodies and vocals that define them.

JOY is, in their own words, ‘about the light that emerges after a period of darkness’ and, to me, the album is a metaphor for this deeply personal journey.

The album opens with ‘Good Love Lives On’, an upbeat and uplifting song which defines the objective of the journey ahead ‘…So let’s ride together on bikes, the sun on our backs no fear of the future’. What resonates with me most on this album is the arrangement of the songs. We are not led simply on a fairy tale journey of moving effortlessly towards the JOY at the end of the rainbow with hope in our hearts (‘Books’ and ‘Joy’), but through a grittier reality which is punctuated with self doubt and uncertainty (‘Guessing Game’ and ‘Placebos’).

The lyrics and vocals are, as we have come to expect from Paper Aeroplanes, beautiful throughout and some of the more upbeat songs contain lyrics which are heartfelt and profound, but isn’t that what we all do at times in our lives, mask our innermost fears and doubts in a shower of smiles and laughter?

The album closes with the hauntingly beautiful ‘Goldrush’. The echoes of a heartbeat in the rhythm of this song coupled with the lyrics ‘You disappeared with violins, adrift among the sheets, to finally find the calm that comes with sleep’ portrays the deep sense of peace and inner JOY achieved at the end of the journey this album has taken us on.

What Paper Aeroplanes have achieved with this album is a body of work which you can turn to in moments of happiness and sadness and find something that will speak to you. Personally, I highly recommend that you give it a listen and, if you get the chance, catch them at one of their forthcoming UK and European tour dates, details of which can be found here.


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Released: 13th Apr 2015
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