Paper Aeroplanes
Little Letters

Released: 15th May 2013
Label: Navigator Records

'Little Letters' is the third album from Paper Aeroplanes. AMP magazine has made no secret of its love for this band over the years, so it was with great deal of anticipation and expectant excitement when I first put it in the player.

From the opening song ‘When The Windows Shook’ my high expectations were certainly met, this is a perfect pop song which has a big, fat radio-friendly stamp all over it. ‘Singing To Elvis’ has a dreamy chorus that allows the listener to float away to a very magical place whereas 'Red Rover' has a more sinister guitar melody and haunting vocals, building perfectly into a memorable chorus.

Further highlights on this fantastic album include the title track ‘Little Letters’, a song that will instantly make you stop dead in your tracks with its gentle piano and haunting vocals guaranteed to send shivers throughout your body then, before you know it, the song transforms itself into a perfect pop song. You will be hard pushed to hear a more impressive ballad this year than 'Multiple Love', the soothing piano and Sarah’s vocals are the perfect match throughout this beautiful song and ‘At the Altar’ is another fine example of how to write a song with thought and meaning, perfectly crafted and full of reflective and beautiful lyrics. ‘Silence The Bells’ is a song of anthemic quality while ‘Circus’ brings the album to a close with passion and belief.

Little Letters is a perfect album and one that has so much mainstream appeal. This is an album that can truly be loved by everyone, no matter what ‘scene’ you are part of and regardless of age, this is quite simply a great pop album that has to infiltrate the album charts.

Steve Tay

Paper Aeroplanes

Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
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