Poundstore Riot
Writing The Wrongs

Released: 10th November 2014
Label: Folkwit Records

Poundstore Riot is a new music project involving Ashley Cooke (Pulco, Derrero) and Stuart Kidd (The Wellgreen, BMX Bandits). This collaboration of talented musicians came about during a riot at a poundstore in Wrexham in December 2013 which, so the story goes, they had started.

The story of Ashley and Stuart's meeting may be fictitious but one thing that is certainly not hard to believe is the genuine meaning behind this great album. If you are familiar with the previous work of either musician it will come as no surprise that ‘Writing The Wrongs’ is a beautiful album full of dreams and melodies that will be sure to sweep you off your feet.

The album opens with a 40 second instrumental which instantly sets the scene with church bells and what sounds like the tide drifting in and out. ‘Bobby’s Basement’ combines gentle acoustic melodies and dreamy vocals that will leave a very memorable impression inside your mind. ‘Cylinder Sound’ is one of those songs that you will want to treasure; in another world this would be a hit single, with a timeless pop sound that instantly takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Further highlights on the album include ‘Green’ which is simply stunning and overflowing with hooks and melodies that ensure even the most casual listener will fall head over heels in love with this song. The title track clocks in at only 1:33 but the duo make sure that every second counts with their energetic and passionate combination of fuzzy guitars and vocals. ‘Happless Writer’ leads us towards the end of the album in a dramatic and psychedelic fashion drawing comparisons to The Beatles.

A mention also needs to be given to the two spoken word tracks ‘Roll Tape’ and ‘The History of Home-Fi’ both of which are full to the brim with charm, nostalgia, honesty and romance.

‘Writing The Wrongs’ is an album that needs to be heard, please do not let this one pass you by. Gey your copy here.

Steve Tay

Wooden Arms

Released: 13th Oct 2014
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