Clay Cutlery

Released: 22nd July 2013
Label: Pulco

Over the years AMP has made no secret of our love for Ashleigh Cooke who, for more than a decade, has been releasing mind blowing music under the name of Pulco. If you are already a fan of Pulco then you will know exactly why his music causes so much excitement here at AMP, he is one of those artists who once you have let him into your life, you will treat every new release with the excitement of a kid at christmas. If you have yet to discover the talent of Pulco then you really need to do so, right now.

As with previous releases this latest offering entitled 'Clay Cutlery' crosses many genres and in fact deserves a genre of its own. If high street shops were to stock this record can you imagine the headaches it would cause staff trying to work out which category to file this wonderful release under? The album contains melodies, loops, spoken word, dreamy vocals and a number of sounds that will leave you in complete awe. Pulco is an artist who always puts a great deal of thought into every sound that makes its way into the music he creates. This album features recordings made using iPad apps of everyday life and sounds, some of the recordings include the sounds of Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire and others the organ in St. David’s Cathederal.

Some of the many highlights on this album include ‘Gnarl Chess’ a lovely summery song that just makes you want to daydream your life away, the combination of singing and spoken word is very heartwarming. The infectious melody and sounds of ' Hoop' will firmly grab your attention and the laugh at the end really showcases the enjoyment that Pulco gets from recording music. ‘The many voices of Brian Jacks and Brian May’ sounds like something from another planet while ‘Cat’ is another perfect summery song, the melodies, lead vocals, backing vocals and whistling sounds all combine to create a song that you will instantly fall in love with.

I really could continue to list every song as a highlight as that is the endearing factor of Pulco as a musician, in that every sound he creates could be classed as being a highlight. I feel that I need to begin to end this review and leave you with some mystery as to what this album will bring, although before doing so I feel the need to draw your attention to two more tracks; ‘Chair O Plane’, a remarkable spoken word track that that will have you hanging on every word and animal sound that is emerging through your speakers and ‘Skike’, another great pice of music that you will be sure never to forget.

‘Clay Cutlery’ is once again an album that Pulco can be very proud of and we should all be grateful that he is sharing his unique talent with us all. Do not let this talent pass you by, head down to your local record store or to Pulco’s website and be sure to pick up a copy of this album.

Steve Tay

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