Real Estate
In Mind

Released: 17th March 2017
Label: Domino Records

There are some things in life that are guaranteed: the sun rising in the east, night following day, leaves falling off the trees in autumn, new life being born in spring, and any album by Real Estate being full of blissful, beautiful and relaxing music that grabs hold of any worries you may have and throws them far out to sea. 'In Mind' is the band's fourth album and from start to finish it is absolutely stunning.

Many bands take different paths, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing miserably in their pursuit for genre-defining creativity. Thankfully Real Estate are not one of those bands, they have clearly agreed what it is they are good at, the type of music they enjoy creating and have consistently delivered four great albums.

'Darling', with its trademark jingle-jangle guitars, opens the album and will instantly grab hold of you while 'Serve the Song' allows you to kick back and let your thoughts drift far, far away. 'Stained Glass' is as summery as it can get, a perfect song that you will love more with each and every listen. 'After the Moon' has gentle yet incredibly effective sounds that will ensure this song is a firm favourite before 'Two Arrows' brings side A to a close with lush nostalgic sounds that will make seven minutes pass by in seconds.

Side B continues to deliver one great song after another and you would be foolish to skip any one. A few further highlights on side B include 'Time', with melodies that soothe and sway and vocals that will leave you feeling warm from the inside out. 'Diamond Eyes' is a cheery pop song that will leave you feeling ridiculously good about life and the world around you. The piano during the opening minute of 'Saturday' ends the album with a pinch of drama until the guitars kick in and we are uplifted by more carefree pop melodies that remind us we truly are in the presence of greatness when we are in the company of Real Estate

In Mind is an absolute gem of an album, it is one to hold, cherish, listen to and remind ourselves never to forget the power of music to make all in the world seem absolutely fine.

Steve C

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