Retro Stefson
Retro Stefson

Released: 25th March 2013
Label: Les Freres Stefson

Iceland has almost become synonymous with a sound, popping off key words like 'glacial' and 'epic', but it comes to Retro Stefson, the isle's latest export, to turn it all around and release the soundtrack of the summer.

Technically their debut, as this is the first album to be realised outside of their homeland, yet it really does feel like it contains the experience of a well rounded band. Lead single 'Glow' could easily be a festival anthem with its' funky groove and soulful vocal equally as danceable as anything Friendly Fires could throw down. The rest of the album continues with the same mix of funky, indie rhythms with a soulful R&B style vocal giving the album a slick, polished feel bringing to mind a sunnier Metronomy.

There's enough going on that will keep you returning to the album for more than just the funky bit and will have you yearning for the slow burners as well. It may seem like a juxtaposition to have something this sunny burst out of Iceland, but then again when it's this good they don't deserve to keep it to themselves.


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