Richard James
All The New Highways

Released: 15th February 2015
Label: Self Released

‘All The New Highways’ is the fourth solo album from Richard James, a man who is loved by many throughout Wales due to the amazing music he has written both as a solo artist and as a co-founder of the much loved and much missed Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci.

For this new album Richard has drawn upon the talents of a number of musicians loved by AMP including Laura J Martin, Andy Fung, Gareth Bonello and Georgia Ruth Williams. Looking at the musicians that have contributed to ‘All The New Highways’ you already know that this is going to be a record to treasure before even pressing play.

‘Industrial Wool’ opens the album with four and a half minutes of psychedelic genius, this instrumental comes floating out of the speakers and will capture the attention of anyone within earshot. ‘Rolling Road’ perfectly defines the word beautiful; if you have anything troubling you in life at the moment, put this song on and all your troubles will drift away. ‘If It Will Only Last’ is an infectious tune with sounds that effortlessly bounce off each other and will be swirling around your head for a long time to come.





Everything on this album is perfect and picking out highlights is a waste of time as there really is nothing not to love about this album. Other stand out songs include ‘Do You Know Me’ on which the vocals and guitar melodies combine in a stunning way to give us a joyful pop song. ‘Travelling’ allows the listener to go on another instrumental journey with their own hopes and dreams and Richard’s gentle vocals on ‘Cruel Mountain’ combined with the soft and tender guitar will see this song become a firm favourite, this is one of those songs that would be perfect sat around a fire on a summers evening.

A special mention needs to be given to the title track ‘All The New Highways’. This is a nine minute song that passes by in a blink of an eye. The instrumentation weaves from one instrument to another in a graceful and elegant way and the vocals sit perfectly in the mix. ‘All The New Highways’ will send shivers throughout your body and leave you in awe at how talented these musicians are.

Richard James has once again given us another incredible album. ‘All The New Highways’ is sure to be on the shortlist for the Welsh Music Prize 2015 and if there is any justice in the world it will also be recognised by the Mercury Prize Awards.

Steve Tay

Weird Little Birthday

Released: 30th Mar 2015
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