Roxanne De Bastion
The Real Thing

Released: 19th April 2013
Label: Nomad Songs

‘The Real Thing’ is the debut album from Roxanne de Bastion, a singer songwriter who I have no doubt that we will be hearing a lot more from over the next few years. Listening to ‘The Real Thing’ it instantly becomes clear that Roxanne is a singer songwriter who just simply wants to use music to tell her story. The album is full of ten charming songs which will leave you with a very warm feeling inside.

‘1964’ opens the album with a gentle acoustic guitar and vocals that will instantly win over your heart. The lyrics in this song deal with everyday life as Roxanne sings about boilers breaking and cracks in the ceiling (I particularly love the reference to 'Withnail and I') and just when you think this song could not get any more charming, a cheerful whistle arrives to put a big smile on your face. ‘Here’s Tom With The Weather’ will instantly grab hold of you with its enchanting guitar melody and vocals which are delivered in a more haunting manner than the opener. ‘Some Kind Of Creature’ is a song full of passion and belief, every chord is played with meaning and every word sung with conviction.

Further highlights on the album include ‘Red And White Blood Cells’, with the infectious electric guitar strumming away in the background, the lyrics to fly beautifully above. The song is quirky, original and one that stands head and shoulders above the so-called pop music that dominate the charts. ‘Somewhere Upon Avon’ is another sweet, compelling song that sees Roxanne reflecting upon growing up in a small town and the desire to find out what is beyond the town walls. ‘The Real Thing’ brings a dreamy end to an album that many of you will not want to end.

‘The Real Thing’ is an album that I will be returning to on a very frequent basis and I am sure that once you have had the pleasure of listening to this debut from Roxanne de Bastion you will be doing exactly the same.

Steve Tay

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