Before We Forgot How To Dream

Released: 29th May 2015
Label: Navigator Records

Anyone who knows me, or has ever spent time reading my reviews, will know that an album entitled ‘Before We Forgot How To Dream’ will instantly capture my imagination and make me want to find out more. That album is the debut release from Bridie Monds-Watson, an Irish-based artist who has chosen to release music under the name SOAK.

The scene for the album is set by that great title, this is an album that deals with a time of innocence before cynicism sets in, the rat race takes over and it becomes all too easy to forget how to dream. Themes of retaining your own identity, being proud of who you are, trying to find your place in the world and not striving for that fake celebrity culture are highlighted perfectly in ‘B a noBody’, “The teenage heart is an unguarded dart, We’re trying hard, To make something of what we are”. All of this from someone so young.

There are so many moments in this album that make you stop and appreciate the talent SOAK has in penning a song, together with the quite scary potential that lies ahead if she can continue to record music this good. ‘Blud’ is a song straight from her heart with a simple yet incredibly effective melody ensuring the listener is able to fully embrace all they hear. The sweet vocals and uplifting melodies ensure that ‘Sea Creatures’ will become a firm favourite for many. When you get behind the sweetness and delve deep into the lyrics this becomes a song about escape as she sings “I don’t get this town, Neither do you, We should run away, Just me and you”. ‘Shuvels’ has a very haunting sound to it that will send shivers down your spine.

Special mention has to be given to ‘Oh Brother’ which gives the album that truly standout moment and feels like it is the very heart and soul of the album. The mood, atmosphere, passion and emotion of the album are all captured within this song, you can hear and appreciate every sound that is being created and by the end you will be left in no doubt that SOAK is an artist of immense talent.

‘Before We Forgot How To Dream’ is without a doubt a surefire contender for debut album of the year, and has Mercury Award nomination stamped all over it.

Steve Tay

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