Sam Airey
In Darkened Rooms

Released: 26th May 2017
Label: Hide and Seek Records

Sam Airey has been on AMP’s radar for around five years and we are ridiculously happy that his long-anticipated debut album is finally with us. The eleven exquisite tracks on ‘In Darkened Rooms’ ensure this is an album that the whole world will cherish.

‘Camera Lens’ opens the album with sparse, melodic piano perfectly complemented by Sam’s melodic and wonderful voice instantly grasping the listener’s attention. The lyrics have a deep poignancy about them as Sam sings “Been so scared about the future, of the change that it will bring”. ‘Epitaph’ lifts the pace with some storming indie-esque guitar sounds that in days gone by would have had us jumping around those amazing indie club discos. ‘In The Morning’ has been crafted with incredible care and attention, every sound we hear has been put there for a reason, the arrangement allows the song to build in a graceful manner and in so doing ensures the lucky listener is left feeling warm and happy.

The album is full of standout moments including ‘Endless Sea’ which does everything and more that the title suggests. Whilst listening to this song you will close your eyes and be transported away with your hopes and dreams to some of the most beautiful, endless landscapes your mind can conjure. ‘The Blackout’ is quite possibly one of the greatest songs you will hear all year, I have so much love for this song, it’s delicate, honest and provides us all with time away from the craziness that goes on in this world. ‘Lacuna’ may contradict my previous statement and give ‘The Blackout’ a run for its money for song of the year, it tugs on every emotion you have and provides more evidence of the sheer brilliance of Sam Airey when it comes to writing a song. Ok, forget my bold statements as the album just continues to offer songs that are all contenders for song of the year. ‘Station Approach’ wowed us in 2014 and is having the same effect again; such perfect storytelling pop that starts gently and builds with great passion and belief.

I am sure by now you truly understand how much love I have for Sam Airey and this incredible album, every song here is amazing. Albums are still treasures, we have to listen to them from start to finish and share the joy they bring with the world. ‘In Darkened Rooms’ really emphasises this - listen to this album in one sitting, your life will be vastly improved for doing so.

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