The School
All I Want From You Is Everything

Released: 13th April 2015
Label: Elefant Records

Hooray!!! Life has just got so much better following the announcement this week of a new EP from The School, a band who have had a special place in my heart for a number of years due to the perfect adorable pop music they create and which brightens up the world we live in.

‘All I Want From You Is Everything’ is another example of how to put together a perfect pop song. Within three minutes this song will jump inside your body, mind and soul, make you smile and dance and quite simply feel great about life. The melodies and vocals are so infectious you will be swept away on a tidal wave of happiness.

If, like me, you already love The School then I am sure you will already be head over heels in love with this new single. If you are new to this band and this new single serves as your introduction then be ready for some treats as you delve into their back catalogue.

‘All I Want From You Is Everything’ is accompanied on the EP by another new song ‘I Will See You Soon’ together with covers of ‘Crying In The Rain’ by Carole King and ‘Baby Don’t Hold Your Breath For Me’ by Knickers. The EP is available on limited edition white 7” vinyl can be ordered here.

Steve Tay

Erlend Øye

Released: 24th Nov 2014
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