Soft Hearted Scientists
False Lights

Released: 1st May 2013
Label: The Hip Replacement

‘False Lights’ is the fifth album from a band who I have been deeply in love with for a number of years. Soft Hearted Scientists are a truly unique and magical band, from the moment you start listening to their amazing music you will find yourself bewildered and obsessed by the wonderful sound this Welsh band create.

Compared to their previous releases, ‘False Lights’ has more of a pop feel to it with hooks and choruses that will become firmly embedded inside your head for a long time to come - not that I am expecting ‘False Lights’ to launch the band to mainstream success, although if that did happen it sure would make this world we live in a much better place. This is a band who deserve success for their incredible talent although, sadly, I don’t think the mainstream is quite ready to welcome this band with wide open arms yet.

Some of the many highlights on this remarkable album include the opening song ‘Seeing’ which comes bouncing at you in a positive way, ensuring your attention is instantly and firmly gripped and ‘False Lights’ which has a very hypnotic feel to it that will have you hanging on every word that is sung and every sound that is made. ‘Song From The River’ is a surefire contender for song of the year, the carnival-esque percussion, infectious melody and chorus make this a great pop song. The lyrical content is full of powerful imagery “They’ll put a Starbucks in the tomb of Tutankhamun, They’ll put a Tesco store inside the paws of the sphinx, They’ll put a Mcdonalds inside every pyramid, McPharoah breakfast free plastic mummies for the kids”, has there been a better lyric that tackles the subject of capitalism and greed?

‘Turn The Tables’ has a beautiful, timeless feel to it that makes you want to go to a good old fashioned British sea side town and dance down the promenade. ‘Seaside Sid and The Giant Squid’ is an enchanting song that tells the story of Sid being eaten by a giant squid whilst ‘Trees In The Wind’ is a moment of psychedelic folk that is beautiful from start to finish. ‘Monsters Of The ID’ is a marching song that will have you following Soft Hearted Scientists on a very fascinating journey. A further highlight is ‘Panorama’, a seven minute song that sounds like a nursery rhyme -dark, psychedelic folk and an incredibly catchy pop chorus highlighting exactly why Soft Hearted Scientists are a band that must be treasured.

If you have been with Soft Hearted Scientists from the early days you will need no convincing that ‘False Lights’ is a contender for album of the year. If, however, this is your introduction to the band, be prepared to have your mind blown, you are about to embark on a very exciting journey.

Steve Tay

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