Sweet Baboo

Released: 22nd April 2013
Label: Moshi Moshi

Don’t you just love it when an album comes along that completely takes over your life and dominates your stereo? Well that is exactly what happened to my life this week when I started playing ‘Ships’ the new record by Sweet Baboo. As soon as I pressed play on the album and opener ‘If I Died..’ (the track that ended ‘I’m A Dancer’) burst out of the traps with a new lease of life, I knew that once again Sweet Baboo has given the world an album to treasure.

‘Ships’ is the fourth album from Sweet Baboo, and his first on Moshi Moshi. This album has more of a pop feel than the previous three which is finally giving him the attention and daytime airplay that his music deserves. The transition to pop star has been so smooth and natural for Sweet Baboo yet the album retains the charm, character and endearing quirkiness that made us fall in love with him in the first place.

From the opening song Sweet Baboo retains his modesty as he sings “Daniel Johnston has written hundreds of great tunes, and I’ve got 6, so guess there’s some catching up to do”. ‘The Morse Code For Love Is Beep, Beep, Beep Beep and The Binary Code Is One One’ not only wins the award for longest song title of the year, but also most infectious pop song of the year, I guarantee you will be waking up in the middle of the night singing this song. ‘Lets Go Swimming Wild’ combines a great bass line with alluring vocals that will have you hanging on to every word.

The album proceeds with one perfect song after another, I really would feel dishonest to the remaining songs on the album if I continue to pick further highlights. The fairest thing to do is to urge you to pick up a copy of ‘Ships’ NOW!!!and if you have not got the back catalogue of Sweet Baboo, go and get his solo albums together with all the other bands / musicians this incredibly talented artist has worked with throughout the years including Slow Club, Cate Le Bon, Euros Childs and Spencer McGarry Season to name just a few.

Steve Tay


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