Tender Prey
Organ Calzone

Released: 25th May 2015
Label: Finders Keepers Records

The day, the day, the day has had its way with me, but oh, the night, the night is mine”. If ever there was an opening line to an album to instantly gain your interest then that line from Bug Blood, the opening song on Organ Calzone, has to be it. The accompanying thumping drums, crunching guitars and moody bass conjure up images of walking out into the night, following the moon and heading on a journey into the unknown.

Organ Calzone is the debut album from Tender Prey, the recording name of Cardiff based singer songwriter Laura Bryon. Laura is joined on the album by Emma Daman Thomas from Islet on drums and recording credits go to Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo). As a whole this is an album that completely works, the listener will be hooked from beginning to end; the songs are dark, mysterious and seductive with hooks and melodies that give the album some pop sensibilities you may not have expected.

Highlights are everywhere and if you are not in love with this album by the time the second song ‘Pleasure Pain Principle’ is over then there might be something wrong with your heart. ‘Pleasure Pain Principle’ is, for me, exactly what pop music should be - the melodies are infectious, the lyrics instantly become embedded inside your head and the drums provide dramatic effect, all that in less than three minutes. ‘Velvetine’ mixes verses, which contain subtle guitars that allow Laura’s vocals to float away in an angelic way, with a dark passionate chorus, all topped off with a climactic ending.

‘Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of My Heart’ gives the album yet another wow moment. The percussion will see you clapping your hands and forgetting any worries you may have, the guitars will have you charging for the dance floor (whether in a club or in your own front room) and I guarantee you will be chanting "You are the undisputed heavyweight champion of my heart" for a long time to come.

I really could continue to describe the greatness of each song on this album from ‘Chicken Liver Blues’ which is beautiful in its simplicity and ‘The Tequila Worm’ which will have you hanging on every single sound you hear, through to ‘Gravy Plate’ and ‘Good Wife’ which bring the album to a conclusion that just leaves you wanting to hear more.

Organ Calzone is an album that critics will adore. Please make sure it's not just the critics that recognise and appreciate the work that has gone into this album, this is an album that will be loved by all that have the pleasure of hearing it.

Steve Tay

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