The Thermals
Desperate Ground

Released: 15th April 2013
Label: Saddle Creek

The Thermals sixth album and their debut for Saddle Creek, finds them at their scrappiest indie punk finest, this album is pure full on frantic energy and won't let you go for the whole of its 27 (ish) minutes.

Straight out the gate is lead single 'Born to Kill', a frenzied blast which perfectly sets the tone for the whole album. Every track is injected with a sense of urgency like it's the last thing they will ever have to say. Despite a lot of dark subject matter floating around the songs there is also an overwhelming sense of positivity as well, especially when singer Hutch Harris yelps "The sword by my side, will allow me to be the last thing my enemies see", and you're right there with him every step of the way.

There can be no doubt about it that this record is the darkest, most fun record released so far this year and I would confidently state that it won't be beaten. Your move everyone!


Retro Stefson
Retro Stefson

Released: 25th Mar 2013
Futur Primitif
Machine Teeth

Released: 18th Mar 2013
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